BatchPhoto — Batch Convert, Resize, Date Stamp, and Watermark Photos Examine App

Good, but buggy.

It does what it’s supposed to do, but it has problems. Don’t overload it - whenever you get fail messages during processing it seems to be related to having a large number of files to process. You might was well reboot at that point and rerun the program - it will continue to give you the same fail error for just a few files or 10,000 if you try to change the file selected list. There also needs to be a value check on some of the filter parameters, like the percentage in Resize. I was trying to resize some small photos by 200% and accidentally clicked and changed it 20070% - instantly got a beachball. It also has issues when you select the option to recreate the original folder structure in the destination folder - it works for multiple folders dragged into the file selection area but fails when it’s a single folder. I got this program at a discount - I’d be ticked if I had paid full price for it with its current issues.

Finally there

I use Batch Photo to place Date Stamps on all my photos that I take with my Canon DSLR. Since there is no way to make my camera do this internally, I have searched long and hard to find a program that would do this for me. The process is pretty straight forward to Date Stamp my pictures. I would like to be able to save my settings so that I don't have to tell the program how what color/font/location everytime I load the program up, And there may be a way to do this, but I have not discovered it yet. I have tried the other features, and there are plenty, but in the end I have found it to be very useful for what I need it to do. I would like the producers of Batch Photo if they could allow the Date Stamp to have a border on it like the way Canon Point-and-Shoot cameras place there Date Stamp. It looks very nice with a border option. Thanks!

Great app

It works and does what it says it does.

Just bought this -

What’s the deal? It freezes up each time I go to add photos!

Magnificant Tool!

BatchPhoto is extraordinary. I changed the orientation, the width and height, the DPI, and renamed 580 photographs in less than a minute! Amazingly fast and accurate.

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